Seating arrangements

Airline SeatsMost airlines provide advance seat assignments. There are two types of seating methods to accommodate individuals with disabilities for carriers that provide advance seat assignments:

However, some airlines do not provide advance seat assignments.

Note: DOT requires its written concurrence if airlines wish to use a different method of providing seating assignment accommodations for passengers with disabilities.

Airline Disability Seating Methods
Airline Block Priority Other
Air Canada X    
Air France X    
Alaska   X  
Allegiant X    
American X    
Austrian X    
British Airways X    
Cathay Pacific   X  
Delta   X  
El Al X    
Emirates X    
Frontier X    
Hawaiian X    
Hellenic Imperial X    
JetBlue X    
KLM X    
Korean X    
LAN   X  
Lufthansa X    
Philippine X    
Qatar     Hybrid
SAS X    
Seaborne   X  
Southwest     Preboarding
Spirit X    
Sun Country   X  
Swiss Air   X  
United X    
US Airways X    
Virgin America   X  
Virgin Atlantic X    
WestJet   X