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Date: September 21, 2001
To: All Delta Employees Worldwide
From: Fred Reid, President and Chief Operating Officer
Subject: Toleranceide

Dear Colleagues,

Last Tuesday’s tragedy has affected us in ways that would have seemed inconceivable as little as two weeks ago. Unfortunately, we’ve seen some Americans become suspicious of people of other cultures – especially those of Mideast descent. And across the airline industry, we’ve heard stories of passengers being deplaned because of their skin color or the sound of their accents.

We cannot afford to follow this tragic behavior. It is exactly what our enemies are striving for: the end of our open, diverse, and tolerant way of life.

Delta’s Code of Ethics and Business Conduct states that, “Delta has an uncompromising policy never to discriminate against customers on the basis of race, gender, age, national origin, disability, sexual orientation or similar classifications. The law mandates this policy – discrimination is not only illegal, it is wrong and will not be tolerated.”

Safety is our first priority at Delta, and we will not compromise that. If a passenger behaves suspiciously or in a manner that suggests a possible security concern while in the airport or on board our aircraft, we should always take action to investigate the behavior. But our response must be based on the passenger’s conduct, not on race or national origin.

Last Tuesday’s events changed the way airlines do business from now on, not only in America, but throughout the world. Already, Delta has instituted strict security measures designed to make certain those intent on evil do not reach our airplanes. And our security measures continue to evolve and tighten.

Please continue to be observant and vigilant when enforcing security that protects our passengers and our people. But don’t let last Tuesday’s events change you into someone suspicious of people just because of the way they look – if you do that, then the terrorists will have won.

Thank you for the strength of character you’ve shown since the sad events last week. You make me proud to work with you.