Information for Consumers Regarding the Cessation of Service by
World Technology Systems
SunJet International Sales
World Technology Systems

This fact sheet contains information about the cessation of service by World Technology Systems (WTS) d/b/a SunJet International Sales (SJIS) also d/b/a Myrtle Beach Jet Express (MBJE).

As you may be aware, WTS was a Public Charter operator that arranged charter flights on various airlines. On June 25, 1999, WTS ceased operation of its SJIS and MBJE charter programs. We have been advised by WTS and its depository/security bank that Public Charter participants who used a check or credit card to purchase flights that were later canceled by WTS have been given full refunds or credit card credits for the service that was not provided. If WTS canceled your flight and you have not received a refund or credit card credit, we recommend that you immediately submit a written claim to:

National City Bank of Michigan/Illinois
Depository Bank for WTS PC’s
Attn: Mr. John Zaretti, Senior Vice President
Travel Industry Financial Services Division
1001 South Worth St.
Birmingham, MI 48009-6943

If you purchased your airline tickets with a credit card and if WTS does not ultimately provide a refund or credit card credit, write to your credit card issuer, being sure to state your account number. State that WTS has ceased operating (you should also mention SJIS or MBJE, depending on the trade name applicable to your program), that you will not receive the services that you charged to your account, and that you are requesting a credit pursuant to the Fair Credit Billing Act. This notice must be received by the credit card issuer no later than 60 days after the date you received the first monthly statement that listed the charge for the WTS ticket, although some credit card companies sometimes waive this deadline for future transportation.

Note: There are no federal regulations that require reimbursement for substitute transportation that you purchased on alternate carriers or for out-of-pocket expenses incurred as a result of the delayed or cancelled flights of a charter operator that has ceased doing business. In addition, if you had earlier canceled your participation in a WTS charter, the Department’s regulations do not require a refund, even though WTS would have permitted you to travel on another WTS flight within the next year.