Information for Consumers Regarding the Cessation of Service by
Midway Airlines

Midway Airlines filed for bankruptcy protection on August 13, 2001 and announced on September 12, 2001 that it was permanently ceasing flight operations. The carrier subsequently resumed operations, but ceased service again on July 17, 2002. Set forth below are certain alternatives available to Midway customers holding tickets or having claims against the carrier.

1. Transportation options

US Airways has agreed to provide service on US Airways flights for Midway Airlines customers who were affected by Midway's July 17 service cessation. US Airways serves all of the cities formerly served by Midway. There are a number of restrictions. For further information, call US Airways or go to and

UA Airways will offer a confirmed reservation on a US Airways flight if a seat is available in the same fare-class as the Midway fare. Otherwise, service might be on a standby basis.

2.  Refunds

If you are not able to obtain rerouting on a US Airways flight, you may request a refund. To apply for a refund, request it through your original booking agent. If you booked directly with Midway Airlines, email your request to or mail your request to:

Midway Airlines
5151 McCrimmon Pkwy, Suite 208
Morrisville, NC 27560
There are no federal regulations that require Midway to provide rerouting on other carriers or to compensate passengers for a higher fare that the passenger pays for transportation on another carrier.

3. Baggage

If you need to follow up on a baggage claim against Midway, you should contact the carrier via letter or e-mail as described above.


July 23, 2002