Subject Areas - Oversales

  14 CFR Part 250   HTML Format 
  April 2011 amendments   PDF Format 

  Reporting oversales: value of travel vouchers 4/21/2006 Word Format PDF Format
  Reporting of oversales: misreporting involuntary bumpings as voluntary, failing to report bumped passengers that are ineligible for compensation 11/19/1996 HTML Format
  Powerpoint presentation on 2011 amendments   PowerPoint Format
  Notice of enforcement policy: oversale notice for foreign carriers   Word Format

Enforcement Orders*
 American Airlines, Inc.2011-2-14 PDF Format
 Comair2010-7-18PDF Format
 Southwest Airlines, Inc.2010-4-14PDF Format
 Spirit Airlines, Inc.2009-9-8PDF Format
 Delta Air Lines, Inc.2009-7-7PDF Format
 US Airways, Inc.2008-12-13PDF Format
 Frontier Airlines,Inc.2008-11-1PDF Format
 Northwest Airlines, Inc.2007-6-12PDF Format


Air Travel Consumer Report
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* Enforcement Orders (From January 2008 to present)