Subject Areas - Codeshare Disclosure

  14 CFR Part 257   HTML Format 

  Guidance on disclosure of code-share service 1/10/2011 Word Format PDF Format
  Baggage liability on international codeshare trips 3/26/2009 Word Format PDF Format

Enforcement Orders*
 Solar Tours, Inc.2012-9-19PDF Format
 Trip Advisor, LLC.2012-7-16PDF Format
 SkyWest Airlines, Inc.2011-11-25PDF Format
 BusinessJet Class, LLC2011-11-10PDF Format, LLC2011-9-13PDF Format
 Amadeus IT Group, S.A. 2011-9-12PDF Format
 Apple Vacations2011-6-32PDF Format
 Fareportal, Inc.2011-5-6PDF Format
 AirGorilla, LLC2011-5-5PDF Format
 American Travel Solutions2011-5-4PDF Format
 Automobile Club of New York, Inc. d/b/a AAA New York2011-5-3PDF Format
 Wholesale Travel Center, Inc.2011-5-2PDF Format
 Airtrade International, Inc.2011-4-21PDF Format
 Flythere4less.com2011-4-3PDF Format
 Delta Air Lines, Inc. and Northwest Airlines, Inc.2010-7-4PDF Format
 Hawaiian Airlines2009-8-4PDF Format
 US Airways2009-8-2PDF Format
 United Air Lines2009-7-6PDF Format


* Enforcement Orders (From January 2008 to present)