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Enforcement Orders*
 Caribbean Sun Airlines d/b/a World Atlantic Airlines2012-7-31PDF Format
 Pilatus PC-12 Centre Canada, Inc.2012-4-16PDF Format
 Viajes Galiana, Inc.2011-10-19PDF Format
 Swift Air, LLC2011-08-14PDF Format
 Aviation Advantage, Inc.2011-8-13PDF Format
 City Skies, Inc. and Ronald E. Mays2010-11-1PDF Format
 Turismo Tony Perez2009-4-3PDF Format
 Holiday Airways Corp. d/b/a Holiday Air2009-5-12PDF Format
 Constellation Travel Services, Inc./Mr. Mujhtabah Mohammed2008-12-3PDF Format

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* Enforcement Orders (From January 2008 to present)