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  14 CFR 399.84   HTML Format 

  Use of the term “free” in air fare advertisements and disclosure of consumer costs in award travel 05/17/2012 Word Format PDF Format
  Guidance: Price Increases for Ancillary Services Not Purchased With Ticket.docx 12/28/2011 Word Format
  Advertising air fares on social media sites 10/3/2011 Word Format PDF Format
  Disclosure of airfare variations: web vs. other sources, surcharges that may be listed separately in advertisements 11/4/2004 PDF Format
  Advertising: "free" tickets, disclosure of fees 9/3/2003 Word Format PDF Format
  Advertising: internet "percent off" discount and sale fares/disclosure of insurance surcharges and security fees 6/5/2002 HTML Format
  Internet fare advertising of service fees 12/19/2001 HTML Format
  Internet fare advertising, especially fuel surcharges 1/18/2001 HTML Format
  Foreign Air Carriers; Unfair and Deceptive Advertising; Enforcement Policy 9/24/1997 HTML Format
  Internet advertising 3/18/1996 HTML Format
  Fare advertising: add-on taxes and fees, "percent off" advertising 7/19/1995 HTML Format
  Fare advertising "each way" 3/9/1995 HTML Format
  Fare advertising: add-on taxes and fees, "percent off" advertising 5/1/1992 HTML Format

Enforcement Orders*
 Solar Tours, Inc.2012-9-19PDF Format
 JSC Aeroflot2012-9-1PDF Format
 Travel Today, Inc.2012-8-34PDF Format
 Aerolineas Argentinas, S.A.2012-8-33PDF Format
 Royal Jordanian Airlines2012-8-28PDF Format
 Philippine Airlines, Inc.2012-8-3PDF Format
 Pacific For Less, Inc.2012-8-2PDF Format LP2012-7-30PDF Format
 Trip Advisor, LLC.2012-7-16PDF Format
 Vision Airlines, Inc.2012-7-13PDF Format
 Air India2012-5-4PDF Format
 Qantas Airways Limited2012-3-1PDF Format
 Unister USA, LLC2012-2-23PDF Format
 Allegiant Air, LLC2012-2-10PDF Format
 Aviation Services, Ltd. d/b/a Freedom Air2012-1-22PDF Format
 Finnair Plc 2012-1-21PDF Format
 Asiana Airlines2012-1-14PDF Format
 Polskie Linie Lotnicze LOT S.A.2012-1-13PDF Format
 Icelandair Group2012-1-8PDF Format
 Imagine Tours & Travel, L.L.C.2012-1-5PDF Format
 AirTran Airways, Inc.2012-1-1PDF Format
 SkyWest Airlines, Inc.2011-11-25PDF Format
 Spirit Airlines, Inc.2011-11-23PDF Format
 LAN Airlines, S.A.2011-10-18PDF Format
 South African Airways PTY Limited2011-10-12PDF Format
 Destination Southern African, Inc. and Destination Southern Advertising Africa d/b/a South African Airways Vacations2011-10-11PDF Format
 Orbitz Worldwide, LLC2011-10-5PDF Format
 Virgin Atlantic Airways, Ltd.2011-9-18PDF Format
 JetBlue Airways, Ltd.2011-8-25PDF Format
 Thai Airways International Public Company Limited2011-8-21PDF Format
 Ethiopian Airlines Enterprise2011-8-20PDF Format
 Air Canada2011-8-8PDF Format
 LBF Travel, Inc.2011-6-34PDF Format
 Globester, LLC2011-6-33PDF Format
 China Airlines, Ltd.2011-6-20PDF Format
 TACA International Airlines, S.A.2011-6-5PDF Format
 US Airways, Inc.2011-6-2PDF Format
 Continental Airlines, Inc.2011-6-1PDF Format
 OpenSkies SAS2011-4-26PDF Format
 Expedia, Inc.2011-4-18PDF Format
 Cayman Airways, Ltd.2011-3-25PDF Format
 Tour Beyond, Inc., d/b/a China Spree Travel2011-2-6PDF Format
 Virgin America, Inc.2011-2-5PDF Format
 Aerovias de Mexico S.A. de C.V. (Aeromexico)2011-1-1PDF Format
 The COMM Group Inc.2010-12-20PDF Format
 Caribbean Airlines Limited2010-12-4PDF Format
 Compania Panamena de Aviacion d/b/a Copa Airlines, Inc.2010-11-15PDF Format
 Unique Vacations2010-11-7PDF Format
 Alaska Airlines, Inc.2010-10-24PDF Format
 Educational Opportunities Tours, Inc.2010-10-14PDF Format
 Pacific Holidays, Inc.2010-10-8PDF Format
 MN Airlines, LLC d/b/a Sun Country Airlines2010-9-25 PDF Format
 China Focus, Inc., d/b/a China Focus Travel2010-9-6PDF Format
 Lion World Travel Ltd. d/b/a South African Airways Vacations2010-9-5PDF Format
 Nuevo Mundo Travel Agency Inc.2010-7-17PDF Format
 Sceptre Tours, Inc.2010-6-23PDF Format
 Delta Air Lines, Inc.2010-5-30PDF Format
 AirTran Airways2010-5-29PDF Format
 Prestige Cruise Holdings Inc.2010-4-1PDF Format
 US Airways, Inc.2010-3-5PDF Format
 Southern Sky Air & Tours, LLC d/b/a Myrtle Beach Direct Air & Tours2010-2-16PDF Format
 United Air Lines2010-1-13PDF Format
 Spirit Airlines, Inc.2009-9-8PDF Format
 Costa Cruise Lines, N.V.2009-9-3PDF Format
 United Air Lines2009-8-17PDF Format
 Continental Airlines2009-8-3PDF Format
 Gate 1 Ltd.2009-7-5PDF Format
 smarTours, Inc.2009-4-4PDF Format
 Condor Flugdienst GmbH2009-4-1PDF Format
 Liberty Travel, Inc.2009-2-9PDF Format
 Air Jamaica, Ltd.2008-12-25PDF Format
 JTB Corporation d/b/a JTB USA, Inc.2008-12-24PDF Format
 Spirit Airlines, Inc.2008-12-14PDF Format
 Allegiant Air, Inc.2008-9-18PDF Format
 Flight Centre USA, Inc.2008-7-5PDF Format
 AirTran Airways, Inc.2008-5-38PDF Format
 AHI International d/b/a AHI Travel and Alumni Holidays2008-3-5PDF Format
 US Airways, Inc.2008-2-35PDF Format
 Ritz Tours, Inc.2008-2-22PDF Format
 Pacific Delight Tours, Inc.2008-2-13PDF Format
 Vantage Deluxe World Travel2007-12-18PDF Format
 Group Voyagers, Inc.2007-11-13PDF Format
 Iberia Lineas Aereas de Espana, S.A.2007-9-21PDF Format
 Viking River Cruises, Inc.2007-8-25PDF Format
 Trafalgar Tours West, Inc.2007-8-24PDF Format
 Uniworld River Cruises, Inc.2007-8-23PDF Format
 United Air Lines, Inc.2007-2-13PDF Format
 Air Canada2007-1-10PDF Format


* Enforcement Orders (From January 2008 to present)