Filing a Complaint - Disability and Discrimination Complaints

If your complaint alleges discriminatory treatment in air travel by air carrier personnel or its contractors (e.g., pilots, gate agents, flight attendants) on the basis of disability or on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion or ancestry, we encourage you to file your complaint with DOT's Aviation Consumer Protection Division by using our web form. If you prefer, you may also file disability and discrimination complaints by sending us a letter or by completing complaint forms that you may download and print. Click here for additional information about filing a disability complaint against an airline and to access the disability complaint form. Click here for additional information about filing a discrimination complaint against an airline and to access the discrimination complaint form.

If you feel that you have been the subject of discrimination action or treatment at an airport by security or law enforcement personnel, please click here for information on where to file your complaint.

The Department of Transportation produces an annual Report to Congress summarizing complaints that air carriers receive about disability-related issues. Click here to see this report.

The Aviation Consumer Protection Division publishes a number of booklets and fact sheets on air travel consumer protection issues.

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